"Homer and Sue Allen"Welcome to the most exciting, challenging and life-changing place in the world – the church! Suprised? When the word “church” is used, many people think of beautiful cathedrals, stained-glass windows, grand pipe organs and maybe even hard, wooden pews. Others think of church as being boring, lifeless or irrelevant to daily life. Church can exist without all these things but it cannot exist without people.

The church is foremost about people just like you and me. It is the people of the church that the Bible says Jesus loved, and even gave His life for. Imagine, Jesus loves you!

The Community Church San Diego is made up of normal, yet imperfect people following Jesus. Because of Jesus Christ and His church, we are no longer stuck hopelessly in a state of addiction, of brokenness, nor tormented by boredom or oppression. Jesus promised to build up the church, and with it the people. He warned that no enemy could stop the process of healing, restoration, recovery and life-development. Life with unlimited possibilities opens up to the person who fully yields himself to Jesus Christ. – Homer and Sue Allen – Senior Pastors